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The creative mind behind the label onwuchekwa_bcd by Chikezie daniel takes us on a journey of acceptance in his new fashion editorial he says;
Sometimes the more you look the less you see, and sometimes the more you look,the more you see and discover. My simplest definition of a rebel is someone who will not conform. Dr Margaret Aranda said “Inside each one of us is a rebel,just waiting to be freed. That rebel is the real you. Many times we struggle with many things, the right friends to form an alliance with, how we should look,the feelings we’re supposed to feel,how we want to be addressed ;forgetting one major thing which is that we were all created differently. However life smiles on us with a better half,that could come in form of a lover, a partner or a very good friend(that understands and accepts you despite your weirdness). when life smiles on us it’s important for us to cherish this special folks for they are kindred spirits,the ones believed to help unwrap the real you, and push you out of your nest, the ones who will encourage us to spread our wings and fly. The ECLECTIC /REBEL who will help us remain Original, because “An Original is worth more than a copy” ~ Suzy kassem.
Words by. Creative director @beingchikeziedaniel
Models. @realkingsleyjames @zpxnso
Photography @ellisoft
Style direction @zpxnso for Zillism by Z styling.


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