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On this edition’s fashion feature, we will be focusing on DL Empire, a unisex fashion brand that has displayed the true characterization of style and culture with its most recent designs. DL Empire caters to men’s fashion needs on a streamlined and elaborate scale. The intentionality they exude in the cycle of their production amplifies creativity in the true sense of the word. Unlike many brands who have yet to grasp the essence of fashion as rooted in culture, history, and individuality, DL Empire adequately understands what it means for a design to maximize their clients’ personalities and how a style can singlehandedly help manifest elegance even with limited materials and resources. Our team had the opportunity to observe their display at the 2022 edition of Face of Glee Brand and Fashion Show and have since followed their progress in the fashion industry. This is a brand that makes clothing under meticulous circumstances.

Considering the brand’s impressive production scope and market approach, we caught up with Tosin Cash Taiwo, the Creative Director of the brand, who dialogued with us on the brand’s vision and unique market approach. When asked how they can churn out multiple designs that are unique to different individuals, cultures, and projects, he responded,

“We created an uncongested approach to styling. A lot of people have plenty of clothes but do not understand how to combine them. The same thing applies to fashion designers, who want to crowd designs, styles, colours, patterns and tools to make impressions. We are changing that stereotype. We work with meticulously chosen fabrics, selected colours, and patterns. We merge them with different cultural inspirations, then proceed to tailor them to embrace the client’s personality. Therefore, we are doing more under a controlled yet creatively elaborate workspace.”

The brand’s approach is ingenious, and its products validate it. We experienced the process involved in making their deliverables, and it was indeed insightful. The brand has a walk-in store and showroom in Akure. The showroom is not merely colourful, it also houses numerous collections which were previously sold out and are now being made on request for celebrities and technocrats who form part of their client base. Each product is divinely designed, culturally diverse, neatly knitted, and beautifully packaged. The brand will launch its online store in the next quarter when it also intend to launch a new collection. The team is as compact as a fist and it is evidence of how they are fast becoming one of the most reputable fashion brands to reckon with outside Lagos, Nigeria.


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