Toke Makinwa sure has a way of always making headlines. Following nude pictures, body augmentation rumour and Toke’s condemnation of marriage for financial gains, she dished more advice on the 23rd of August to women looking to get married via Twitter.

“Find you a man who looks at you like magic, like how did I get so lucky to have her? Just by being in my life I feel purpose. Ladies never settle, don’t accept just anything too,”she tweeted.

Toke, who is an advocate for the independent woman said ladies should look for the right man and not settle.

Fans of this multi-talented woman aren’t novices to her advice which always comes in droves. About a week ago, Toke also admonished women on the need not stay married because of the financial gains which she said is a lame move.

“Staying in marriage for financial gains is lame”

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