The entrepreneur life is no doubt a journey. Each day comes with new challenges and struggles. As an entrepreneur certain experiences might be new to you but a seasoned entrepreneur will most likely have come across something similar before. This is why as an entrepreneur it is important to get a mentor.

The benefits of having a good cannot be over emphasised. As an entrepreneur having a mentor is very helpful for business success. Finding the suitable mentor will have an exceedingly positive impact on both the private life of an entrepreneur and the overall performance of the business.

In finding a mentor as an entrepreneur, you must bear in mind that a mentor must be someone you trust , someone you feel comfortable talking with, someone you are free to share anything with be it problems, struggles and success.

The support, encouragement and motivation given by a mentor is invaluable. A good mentor can help you avoid common business mistakes timely, resolve issue, and offer up valuable connections and advice, while helping you realize your full potential as an entrepreneur.


Places you can find Mentors

Below are places entrepreneurs can find mentors, but not limited to the following;

Networking Events: As an entrepreneur, you can find a mentor at a good networking event or forum. There are quite a number of networking events geared towards connecting individuals and brands at such gathering finding one who is more experienced and great at what he/she does as a mentor will help a great deal.

Social Media: Social Media communities like LinkedIn and Twitter , facebook and instagram are good social media platforms to find mentors depending on your area of expertise as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Groups/Communities: There are specific groups for entrepreneurs, some of these groups focus on developing the mind of entrepreurs and promoting. Such groups can be found on whatsapp, facebook and linkedln

Associations/ Social Clubs: There are number of associations for businesses that entrepreneurs can find mentors ,including social clubs.

Religious Groups: At Religious groups and meetings entrepreneurs can find mentors such meetings. As such groups are headed by experienced leaders and capable of mentoring.


Please note, no matter where you eventually find a mentor, connecting with the right one and building a good relationship should be a major step in your business plan. The right mentor will guide you through tough business choices and help set you up for business success for a long period of time.



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