Beyond Disabilities: Edwin Iguodala was involved in a motor accident on 18th of December, 2015, the impact cost me my left arm.

Prior to the accident, he had just returned to the country after completing his Masters degree in Food Science And Nutrition from the University of Leeds, the plan was for him to come and break grounds at home.

He is currently managing his own fish farm where he produces fresh and smoked catfish and in addition to that, he drives on one of the e-taxi hailing platforms (interesting how the accident did not scare him from driving) as he continue to look for job opportunities in the food industry.


  • Do you know that there are about 25 million Nigerians living with disabilities?
  • Do you know about the Nigerian Disability Bill?
  • Do you know that this bill is to protect and promote the rights of persons living with disabilities?
  • Do you know that this bill, if passed, will provide for the right to free education, free healthcare, prohibition from segregation, right to work and employment?
  • Do you know that this bill also provides for the right to participation in politics?
  • Do you know that persons living with disabilities are also human beings who did not choose their paths for themselves?
  • Have you done anything to make the lives of people living with disabilities better?
  • Do not discriminate or harm people with disabilities.

This is a call to serve humanity and promote the well-being of persons living with disabilities.

To support this initiative call 08181662198


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