Tattoos have long been associated with pop cultures biggest badasses, with Cara Delevingne’s finger, Rihanna’s hand, Ariana Grande’s neck and Bella Hadid’s ankle photographed almost as much as their faces.

And while they’re by no means ‘out’ of fashion (those of you adorned with them will be pleased to hear, considering they’re, you know, permanent), tattoos have been replaced by a slightly less daunting needle-induced stamp as the fashion world’s favourite rebellious statement.

Known as the ‘curated ear’, it’s ear piercing x1000. It’s an art form that consists of multiple piercings all over the ear in different formations unique to each person. Also – and crucially – unique to each ear. You never ‘curate’ your right ear to be identical to your left. Never. That’d be like getting an exact replica tattoo on the opposite of your body. Symmetry is a big fat ‘no’ when it comes to such statements.


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