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It’s time to make your wardrobe work just as hard as you did paying for this holiday, and if you’re not wearing your swimming costume at 1am sipping cocktails in a fancy bar then it’s not working hard enough.

Take the humble white shirt, for example. Great, obviously, tucked into a chic pair of shorts or troos of an evening, but why not throw it over your swimwear and tie it at the front for a trip to the beach the next morning?

Or how about opting for a sandal with a very small, block heel that would be just as at home strolling to the pool as they would tripping over your pals during a slightly-heavier-than-planned night on the tiles?

And with the rise of mid-length hems in fancier situations, there’s no need for different summer dresses this season. Get a pretty, patterned midi that would look just as good thrown over your bikini as it would with a heel and jewelery at night.


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