La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

La Mode: Can we meet you?
Aluko: My name is Aluko Gold Adetola ,300l students studying Computer Science in BOWEN University.
La Mode: Tell us about your background
Aluko: I’m from a Christian home .The 3rd in the family of 6
La Mode: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Aluko: I get my inspirations from my Sister who has done this before and my friends who encouraged me
La Mode: Who is your favourite designer?
Aluko: Nigerian- Deola Sagoe and Zizi Cardow and Foreign- Tiffany Amber
La Mode: What is fashion to you?
Aluko: Fashion is anything you are comfortable in not what is in trend
La Mode: Are you a fashion freak when it comes to fashion?
Aluko: No I am not, i just love to look good. Looking good is good business
La Mode: What fashion site/blog is your favorite?
Aluko:ELLE fashion site
La Mode: Who is your mentor?
Aluko: Bryan Okwara & Aluko Olubukola Former Miss Eksu 2007/2009
La Mode: What is your opinion over fashion today?
Aluko: I love the way fashion is growing but i believe there can still be decency while still depicting good fashion
La Mode: What is your favourite meal?
Aluko: I really don’t have a favorite meal, everything goes for me, but i don’t take Chinese
La Mode: What is your social life like?
Aluko: My social life, i enjoy going out and meeting people but of course I put moderation into everything I do
La Mode: What are your hobbies?
Aluko: My hobbies are dancing (tweaking), meeting people and also taking pictures
La Mode: What is your diet like?
Aluko: I don’t have a special diet, am like every normal girl, i eat moderately
La Mode: What style of fashion appeal to you the most?
Aluko: The fashion style that appeals to me are, Lovely Gowns mostly shorts and slit like Gowns, I love Red, I must wear a touch of Red on important occasions.
La Mode: You have a nice skin what is the secret?
Aluko: God
La Mode: What is your advice to aspiring fashion icons?
Aluko: My advice to aspiring fashion icons is that they should put their minds into it they can achieve whatever they want to achieve if only they believe they can.


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