We have been married for four years now and to the glory of God, we have a set of twins to show for it.

My wife is a kind of woman that everyone will like to be with, you will feel alive around her, she’s jovial, so with this, she has good number of friends.

Recently my wife now makes uncalled demands, unlike her before, she compares me with her friend’s hubby, her friend’s hubby bought this for her, that the cloth she wore the other day is so so amount. Her hubby took her to Paris for holidays, she nowadays don’t appreciate things I do for her, not openly though but the signs are there. I earn well, I mean okay to keep my family up and running, but for luxury, it wont work. She knows our total income, but now she’s more focused on how she wants her friends to see her, the Camry LE 2012 Model I bought for her last year has become too old for her to use, I kept wondering if it’s her friends that are influencing her or she’s just punishing me intentionally. My Wife is faithful woman that I am sure.

Now should I control the friends she keeps? Should I be the one to determine her friends?

I have tried to figure who these her friends are, all I could get is “..a friend” or “… One of my Friends” they are just nameless and faceless, some visit once in a while if they are going for outing, I get to hear or know their presence with uncontrolled calls almost every 30mins interval.

Please, is it right to choose friend for your hubby or wife?

Is it mandatory to know all your spouse’ friends?







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