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Izzi Ekhahiemen: Championing Diversity and Inclusion Through Afrocentric Designs

Izzi Ekhahiemen's Journey
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Izzi Ekhahiemen is an entrepreneur who seeks to empower individuals to embrace the uniqueness that fashion brings to Africa. He believes that the philosophy of fashion goes beyond clothing to include expressing oneself and discovering one’s unique identity with a blend of style and creativity.

Izzi’s dream of touching the world through his belief in inclusion and diversity began at a young age. He loved wearing suitable clothing and would always celebrate how different clothing styles permitted him to express himself in unique ways. He later got the ball rolling when he took the bold step to starting a career in fashion as a fashion model.

But he didn’t stop there.

Enrolling at the School of Fashion and Textile, Lagos, Izzi went further on to equip himself with more hands-on knowledge about the fashion industry.

In the past, creating diversity and inclusion through Afrocentric designs didn’t exist as designers weren’t exposed to new design ideas. But as the industry began to grow in recent times, designers like Izzi challenged the norms of colorful and quality wear said to be meant only for the wealthy.

Izzi’s beliefs about fashion stem from the fact that fashion should be accessible to all, regardless of culture, tradition, religion, or societal status.

Africa embodies various clothing styles, but many individuals aren’t aware of this, and that is where Izzi’s clothing comes in. The brand is on a mission to ensure that everyone across Africa is represented in the richness of African culture, fostering a sense of belonging among her people.

Izzi draws inspiration from his multicultural upbringing and ancient times, infusing beadwork and contemporary silhouettes to his finish work. Each of his collections not only showcases his design prowess but also tells stories about different traditions of various African communities.

So, as we look ahead with more design trends in the African fashion industry, there is an increase in individuals paying attention to the styles that bring out their uniqueness and individuality.

That is what Izi Wears is about: ensuring that individuals are included in this change regardless of affinities. Overall, the power of inclusivity in African fashion cannot be overemphasized. The concept gives room for people to embrace their African roots and inculcate it into the modern design system.

Through his work, Izzi encourages Afrocentric designs that connect traditional wear with contemporary fashion. His fashion sense has dramatically influenced fashion standards, shaped cultural perceptions, unlock new trends, and moved towards a more diverse and inclusive African society.

Don’t be cut unaware of the innovations brought about by designers in the fashion industry; because this new creative idea helps individuals discover who they are and connect them with like-minded people around the continent.

May 1, 2022

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