Jamie Foxx Returns to Filming “Back in Action” on Netflix After Medical Emergency

Spotted on Set with Cameron Diaz in Atlanta
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Jamie Foxx, 56, is back in action, quite literally, as he was recently seen on the set of his upcoming Netflix movie “Back in Action.” This marks his return to filming since facing a medical emergency in April last year.

On the Atlanta set, Foxx was photographed alongside his co-star, Cameron Diaz, 51. Both actors were casually dressed, with Foxx having his hands in his pockets. According to a source close to the film’s set, Foxx was described as “very quiet” and “just focused on working.”

Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz.

The action-comedy film began its production in December 2022, with initial scenes filmed in London, ranging from cruising on a speedboat to navigating a snow-covered forest. However, filming was temporarily halted when Jamie Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, shared on Instagram that her father had experienced a “medical complication.”

Despite the health setback, Foxx’s incident did not occur on set, and he was not transported to the hospital via emergency vehicle. The set was temporarily shut down on the same day as Corinne’s announcement.

In subsequent updates, Jamie Foxx expressed gratitude for the support he received and confirmed that he was “recuperating” and “coming back.” Cameron Diaz, in a recent interview on the “Back in Action” film, dispelled rumors about Foxx being “crazy” on set, emphasizing his professionalism and the enjoyable atmosphere he brings to the crew.

Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx.

The film, which also marks Diaz’s return to the big screen after nearly a decade, has generated excitement among fans, with Diaz praising Foxx as a special and talented individual.

January 22, 2024

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