La Mode: Can we meet you?
Justice: My Name is Justice Junior. I am an Internet Marketer. I Hail From Anambra state Nigeria. I am Single and a Devote Christian.
La Mode: Tell us about your background?
Justice: I grew up in Benin City Nigeria and am an only child of my parents, parents are separated and I was not from a wealthy background. I finished schooling in 2013 from Delta State University Abraka where I studied Accounting & finance. and I was privileged to be able to learn about computer’s and the internet at quite a young age. I was quite obsessed with it really.
La Mode: What inspired you to be an entrepreneur
Justice: I was Actually inspired by Pain and I was also inspired by the drive and hunger for Improvement, I  wanted to change my situation and take care of myself and my Mother  and I also knew there was a way around it without breaking any laws. I also used to watch videos of Robert Kiyosaki One of the Greatest Authors who Wrote a book titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Then I Realized I would like to be a boss of myself and wouldn’t want to wake up to that buzzing alarm Clock or be spoken down on by a Boss, so I had to start researching for something I could do on the internet that is legal and something I could be proud of.
La Mode: What is Your brand all About?
Justice: My Brand is all about selling Digital information Products on any niche market where there are high demand for example skin care, Weight loss, internet marketing.
La Mode: How Would You Describe Entrepreneurship in Nigeria?
Justice: Actually back when I started out in 2011 it was quite challenging and difficult because the standard of Nigeria on the internet was not quite as developed as it is now there has been a huge change as regards ease of accessing certain resources and systems to be able to aid E-commerce and Marketing. And the mindset of Nigerians were more closed as regards actually Earning money from the Internet Legally. Now I would say there has been tremendous growth over the years and Nigeria is heading there.
La Mode: What are your responsibilities as the business owner?
Justice: My Responsibilities are quite Simple I run my business from Home I do not have any inventory because I sell digital products and now venturing into selling trial products but still I am not the vendor of the product, my job is to get an audience who are interested in a certain Product and point them to the product and when they make a purchase I get paid a commission.
La Mode: Does Your Company help the Community where it is located (humanitarian service)
Justice: For now No. My company is not helping the community as regards humanitarian services but I  am looking to start up a foundation where I can help empower kids in public schools to make sure they have their basics because its quite tough here in Nigeria and most children don’t even have uniforms or school shoes or even books to go to school and so I am looking to focus on empowering 20 students every month.
La Mode: How would you Describe Your Brand Success.
Justice: I would say that we have experienced Growth looking at where we are coming from, I mean we started from the bottom and I can say with confidence that I have been able to build my business to a six figure yearly business and am looking to hit Seven Figures by Next year.
La Mode: What is Your Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs?
Justice: My Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs is that you Should never give up on your dreams and Never Look down on Yourself because your Dreams are valid. if a young man from Benin city who did not  have the support or the needed resources to thrive in the International Space took action and got there You too Can Do it….

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