LA MODE: Let us meet you

SOPHIA: I am Sophia Augustine, a Model and a student of University of Lagos.

LA MODE: The most Challenging part of being a Model.

SOPHIA: The most challenging part of being a model is that there are a lot of castings. There are tons and tons where you would go that you wouldn’t get picked. On my own aspect I will say my complexion has been a problem for me even as it is not suppose to be. I get a lot of No because people tell me that you cannot be an international model because you are light skinned and Africans are supposed to be dark. Also trying to balance school and modelling is a challenge.

LA MODE: Who should be a model and what category of modelling are you?

SOPHIA:  Models are not actually specific. Anyone can actually be a model. You could be short, tall, fat, slim, or dark. If you don’t have any “specific qualities” put before you, then you can be a model. People have different categories. They might be looking for someone who is extremely tall or extremely tiny so it depends on what category. I personally I am a broad model. I do a little bit of everything.  I do adverts, commercials, bill boards and runways.

LA MODE: How are you redefining society’s view that some models are indecent?

   Society will judge you the way you put yourself out there. So if they judge you as being indecent I think you have actually portrayed some sense of character as being indecent. If you are well behaved, well mannered and you put yourself out there the way you want to be addressed then society will definitely address you that way.

LA MODE: How do you handle pressure from men as a model?

SOPHIA:  I think people handle things differently but for me I am left with the opportunity to walk away or decide and if it is cool with you, fine. Why not? Personally I would rather walk away and put more effort on what I do. Make the best out of what I do professional.




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