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· La Mode: Can we meet you?

My stage name is Blixxy, the Rap King. My real name is Okoh Blessing Bliss, from Agbor, Ika South local government in Delta state. I was born and brought up Edo state, where I also went to school, rounding up at Ambrose Ali University, where I studied Business Administration, graduating in 2012. I would say I’m an easy going, God fearing person, with a passion for music, sports, poetry, and the creative arts as a means of self expression. My driving force is music; its inspiring, motivates me, educates me and is my greatest tool of self expression in my goal to spread the message of positivity to all

· La Mode: Tell us about your background?

I grew up in a large family of 8 kids to my dad from Delta and my mum from Edo state. My dad was a lecturer in a Theologian school, where he taught aspiring clerics, while my mum was a business woman. It was a simple comfortable life, where we were brought up with strong Christian values, taught to be humble and the importance of putting God first. All in all, these experiences helped shape me to be the man I am today


· La Mode: What inspired you in to music?

As a kid, I used to fiddle with my Dad’s boom box. I was fascinated by rap music, to me it was like poetry personified, poetry brought to life, a great tool of self expression dealing with real issues of life.

I started out miming rap songs in secondary school, it was just a hobby then, till I was approached by a group to join them as a rapper, where I rose to become the lead artiste in the group. We were called for a lot of shows in school all through my university days. It was then I realized I had to take music seriously


· La Mode: Tell us about your kind of music?

My music style is Afro hip hop with a highlife infusion. I am also quite versatile so I switch it up sometimes. My main aim is always to make my music real to my fans, dealing with real issues, passing the message of positivity and hopefully spreading a little bit of hope and happiness.

· La Mode: How has the industry accepted your kind of music?

The reception has been amazing; many people have actually stopped me to commend my work. My fan base has grown exponentially.

· La Mode: How would you rate your musical recognition in the industry?

Right now, I’m recognized. A lot of people walk up to me to encourage me and appreciate my work and my life philosophy of self belief. I would say I’m a rising star, the world is about to experience Blixxy the Rap Ring

· La Mode: What was your best moment in 2016?

When I got nominated for SSMA (South South Music Awards) in three categories Best Hip-hop Act, Best Music Video and Viewers Choice. I won the award for Viewers Choice. It was a great moment, I felt appreciated.

· La Mode: Which event was your best in 2016 that you performed?

My performance at the SSMA (South South Music Awards), the crowd energy was amazing, with a lot of people calling my performance the highlight of the event

· La Mode: What’s your favorite track / record / album / mix set of all time?

My favorite tracks of all time are African Queen by TuFace and Mirror by Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars; Fav album – Biggy smalls ‘life after death’ and my fav mix set would be all those of Dj Jimmy Jatt

· La Mode: What is your view about Fashion?

I love fashion, not just because it’s a huge part of Hiphop culture, or because it looks good, but also because it’s a creative artform and a means of self expression. It’s a huge part of our culture too and Im passionate about fashion, especially as the African, especially Nigerian fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds

· La Mode: Which is your favorite fashion magazine?

Internationally, I would say GQ and locally here, its definitely La Mode

· La Mode: Describe your sense of style?

My style is simple and versatile, very fluid but also easy. As I view fashion and style as a means of creative expression, my style is dependent on my state of mind at that time and what I want to communicate. My sense of style cannot be put in a box….

· La Mode: What do you do outside of the dance music scene?

I am totally focused on my music and music business is also serious business. The road to greatness is never the easy route hence it takes a lot of dedication and hard work, no room for distractions.

When I choose to unwind and let off steam, I spend a lot of time in the studio, I do a lot of sports, I like working out because looking good is good business, I also love reading and watching documentaries to broaden my mind and educate myself

· La Mode: What advice would you give to up and coming artists?

Ensure you have the talent, take the time to develop your talent, be prepared for hardwork. Do not get discouraged, keep pushing, consistency is the key, self belief is the core ingredient, give yourself a knuckle and keep believing in your hustle, it will all work out in the end.

· La Mode: How do you see your brand in 5 years from now?

I see myself much improved, putting my mark on the music scene, inspiring Africa and the world at large with my music, eventually counted among the top rated artistes

· La Mode: Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

It gets to a point when things get tough and you need encouragement, you don’t need anyone else to give you a pat on the back or encouragement. Encourage yourself, give yourself a knuckle and believe in your hustle; #KnucklesClashing #SelfBelief

I want the world to experience Blixxy in 2017, I plan to drop hit tracks back to back, a mixtape by March and eventually an EP before the end of the year.
Shout out to my Label, M.Gang Records, thanks for all the believing in Blixxy, to all my fans and supporters of the Blixxy brand, expect more from me, promise to do more to keep representing the brand positively.


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