The Green October Event 2019, is around the corner and this years’ event is themed; Disability Inclusion, and as the theme implies, is aimed at including people with disabilities into everyday life activities and privileges to bridge the gap between people with disabilities in the society.

As is the tradition, the Green October event takes place on the 1st of October and below are 5 reasons we believe the event is a must-attend for you:

1) To put an end to stigmatization: Attending the Green October Event 2019, shows your support towards ending the ideals of stigmatizing people with disabilities, as is often seen to be the norm in our everyday societal characteristics. People with disabilities are people too and until we start seeing them as people and not just focus on their disabilities, we as a people are not building a better legacy for the next generation.

2) Exposure: Attending the Green October Event, 2019, will expose you to a new world of possibilities and opportunities.

3) Networking: The Green October Event 2019, will have people from all works of life in attendance; from celebrities to politicians, from models to actors, ambassadors, International guests, professionals in different fields and entrepreneurs. So, this event will be a great avenue to network with people within and outside your niche.

4) Runway Unusual: If you are a lover of fashion or live for the runway, then the Green October Event, 2019, is a must-attend for you as you will get to experience is an experience you don’t want to miss. This might just be the memory of a lifetime and you just might not be able to get that experience anywhere else in the world.

5) Perfect Way to Spend Independence Day: What better way to spend Independence Day than at an event that is guaranteed to give you the thrills of a lifetime, showing support to members of the society that seemingly have been stigmatized and secluded from the society for reasons, they have no control over. Attending this event will give you a sense of humanitarian responsibility and might just be your window of opportunity to give back to your society and create a lasting legacy.

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