La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner
The Green October Event is an event like no other and below we give you 5 reason why we think so:
1) The Green October Event is a first of its kind event in the country: An event like this that focuses on Disability Inclusion, have never been done in the country, so this year’s edition is on a new level of innovation and will be making history.
2) The Green October Event will make the world a better place: We know that making the world a better place takes more than just one event, but if everyone plays their role, just like La Mode Magazine is doing with the Green October Event, then gradually the world will be a better place for everyone. So, the Green October Event plays a pivotal role in making the world a better place by being a voice for persons with disabilities and discouraging stigmatization and exclusion of people with disabilities by and from the society.
3) Fashion Like Never Before: The Green October Event makes you see fashion from a different perspective, as it is not going to be “Fashion as Usual”. It is going to see people with disabilities rock everyday outfit you think they’d naturally not be able to and have models with disabilities show that they can be as effective and stunning as your everyday models.
4) Fashion Meets Humanity: Fashion events are usually for the thrills and the looks, but this years’ Green October Event, will be using fashion to flash the light on a massive flaw that has been ignored by humanity for decades.
5) Bringing Society Together For A Common Goal: Having people from all works of like; from senators to ambassadors, from professionals to entrepreneurs, models, actor, fashion designers, media executives and much more, together in one event to achieve a common goal is something you do not get to see or experience every day and we believe this makes it a one of a kind, kind of event.

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