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La Mode Magazine: To Further Create Awareness on Cerebral,  a photo shoot was conducted with this amazing young child. Oluwatobiloba Dalley, he  is 7 years old living with Cerebral Palsy.  The beautiful images were captured by @M12Photography

The need for us to join hands in creating awareness on CP cannot be over emphasized. Hence, the La Mode Magazine Initiative ‘’Green October Event’’

‘’Green October’’ is a La Mode Magazine initiative, founded by Mrs. Sandra Odige CEO/Publisher. It is an annual project to appreciate show love and raise funds for people living with disabilities. It’s a platform where funds are raised to support a particular cause of disabilities. The 2015 edition was focused on Down syndrome, 2016 on Autism and the 2017 is focused on Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Fund Raising.

Green October event is an avenue where philanthropic and humanitarian gestures are given annual prestigious award. These are people that have contributed significantly to humanity in their various fields of endeavors without prejudice on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity. The annual event is also a platform to showcase Nigerian fashion and designs.

At the event fashion and humanitarian awards are given to deserving Nigerians.These awards come with a public nomination, then voting, before winners are announced at the event. Special Recognition awards are also given to deserving Nigerians from all works of life at the event

The event promotes made in Nigeria fashion through the fashion show and exhibition.



Encourage people to engage in humanitarian works no matter how small or big as this will go a long way in saving lives, reducing suffering and respect for human dignity.


To raise funds for people living with disabilities


Create awareness on the different types of disabilities


Appreciate and award humanitarians


Appreciate the fashion industry by awarding deserving Nigerians


Appreciate and encourage entrepreneurs


Promote made in Nigeria through the fashion show and exhibition at the event

The event is slated to take place at the Oriental Hotel , on October 1st.

Fashion Show and Exhibition 10am to 2pm (Attendance is free , visit to register )

Gala Night , Awards and Fund Raising for Cerebral Palsy 7pm to 9pm  (Strictly by Ticketing )

For reservations and Ticketing to attend the Gala Night call 08181662198


Instagram: @greenoctoberevent






Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills usually caused by brain damage before, or during a child’s birth, as well as in its developmental years. CP is a non-degenerative condition that affects about three children per 1,000 births, and currently there is no cure. The effects of CP can be as mild as a minor limp, but the worst cases usually include paralysis of the legs or hands, speech impairment, and sometimes mental retardation. However, with proper management, many are known to live successful lives with this condition, with a number of them now helping to spread awareness about how to live well with CP.


Prevalence Rates


USA – 4 in 1000 births


UK – 2 in 1000 births


Nigeria – 10 -15 in 1000 births


The Burden by Numbers


Worldwide – 17,000,000 living with CP and 350 Mil People (Inc. 34 mil parents) closely affected by CP


Africa – 2,698,000 Children with CP and 55.5 Mil People (Inc. 5.4 mil parents) closely affected by CP


Nigeria – 700,000  Children with CP and 14.4 m (incl. 1.4 m parents) – People closely affected by CP


60-80% of persons living with CP also suffer Co-morbidities like Seizures, Intellectual disabilities etc,





Model: Oluwatobiloba Dalley

Photograpghy: @m12photography


Shoot Direction: @lamodemag


Publisher: @sandraodige






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