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Lexx Abbey is a fashion illustration brand owned by Lexx Sokari Abbey. The brand is just a tip of the iceberg of the plans Mr Abbey has for the African fashion industry.
The brand, Lexx Abbey, was born purely out of talent and creativity, no training, no pressure. It started merely as a hobby, grew into a dream, and today -by God’s grace- a brand.
We are glad to release our first illustration Editorial “Seven Deadly Sins”
Queen Purple: her sexy is exuded effortlessly owing mostly to her charisma and carriage. She looks down on people with an audacious suave that makes the victim want to fall at her feet and worship her.
She is proud and sexy. She doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. Her personal thoughts are just about enough. She is difficult to please but simple enough to incite lust into the most pure of hearts.
She is a representation of the SIN OF PRIDE. Biblically represented by the PEACOCK and the COLOR PURPLE.
Queen Red: This queen represents all that is fiery. A dominatrix, she is a goddess in her realm. Lashing out with hot invectives that gets the job done. Queen Red represents confidence and bravado. Like her gravatar, the Lion, she lies in wait patiently and once stirred, doesn’t fail to make an impact on her victim.
She is fierce and still manages to exude sexiness with her domineering presence.
She is a representation of the SIN OF WRATH.
Accompanied by the ROARING LION and represented with a FIERY RED color.
Queen Green: The most sly of them all. She uses her cunning and does it to perfection. So much so that even when found out, she slips through in that stealth manner that not only leaves you awe-stricken but renders one powerless.
Like the snake, her beauty is toxic. Gets into your system and fills you up with poison. Have a lot of her and you are quenched, have little of her and you starve.
She is the SIN OF ENVY. represented by the SNAKE and always seen with the COLOR GREEN.
Queen Pink: The sexiest. She shoots fireballs of passion from the groins of men to the moist crevices of women. Her sexiness is edgy and daring. She pays no mind to whatever is said about her. Even those who speak ill, fall to her feet in order to have a taste of her sensual juices.
She is the seductress. Brings little pieces of fabrics to create the perfect illusion.
Like the goat, she is obstinate in her sensuality and daring in her seduction.
She poses as the SIN OF LUST.
Represented by the GOAT and the COLOR PINK.
Queen Yellow/Gold: she would leave you bankrupt and smiling. Very stealth, very cunning and very beautiful. She is the queen of extortion. Her piece is donned on to excite you, her wits are there to enchant you and her brains would exploit you.
Like the fox, she is dangerously cute and brazenly smart. Be wary, be careful ‘cos you would always be pushed to touch but do not linger for long.
She doesn’t play with garnering as much as she can. She makes greed a virtue.
She represents the SIN OF GREED, posing in the COLOR GOLD and accompanied by the CUNNING FOX.
Queen Blue: she is the sloth queen. Lazy, sluggish and recreational. She doesn’t like to do anything but manages to gain it all. Her slug-like behavior endears you. She is that queen that doesn’t need to dictate. The slow movement of her hands, the quiet swings of her synched waist do all the work.
Like the snail, she retracts when threatened. Doesn’t like violence but manages to get the work done.
She is the the SIN OF SLOTH. Represented by THE SLUG and the color PALE BLUE.
Queen Orange: Curvy, sexy, raunchy represent this queen. She takes it all not minding how much she has stashed already.
She represents the African woman. Fleshy in all the right places to stimulate the most rigid of hearts. She isn’t ashamed to peddle the sin of gluttony.
She poses as the SIN OF GLUTTONY. Dressed in the COLOR ORANGE and represented by the SWINE.



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