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“Living Nostradamus” Who Predicted Queen Elizabeth’s Death, Warns of Imminent Natural Disasters Before New Year’s Day

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A man who claims to possess foresight abilities is cautioning that imminent natural disasters may occur before New Year’s Day.

Athos Salome, known as the “Living Nostradamus” by his followers, has gained fame for his predictions, including the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and Elon Musk’s transition from Twitter to “X.” Despite his purported abilities, he acknowledges limitations in foreseeing certain major world events.

In his recent predictions, Salome warns of potential floods and earthquakes in the coming months, specifying precise locations where these disasters might occur. He clarifies that his intention is not to induce panic with his visions, emphasizing that they are not definitively predetermined.

While forecasting global-scale adversity, Salome believes proactive measures can be taken to mitigate the predicted events. He expresses a desire not to instill fear but to motivate collective action, urging a focus on well-being, policy implementation, infrastructure development, and heightened global awareness. According to his insights, the Pacific Ring of Fire, including Java in Indonesia and the coastal stretch from northern California to southern British Columbia, may experience increased volcanic and seismic activities.

Salome anticipates heightened hurricanes and cyclones in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Thailand, as well as storm risks in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. His predictions also point to potential flooding threats in Brazil, the Ganges River Basin in India, and the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam, stressing the need for flood prevention measures in these areas. Looking further ahead, Salome cautions Amsterdam, New York, and Tokyo to prepare against the encroachment of water on land.

November 21, 2023

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