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Lizzo’s Social Media Announcement Sparks Concern: Is She Leaving Music?

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Lizzo has sparked concern among fans after announcing on social media that she is quitting the music industry, or perhaps just social media. In a post on Instagram, the singer expressed frustration, stating, “I didn’t sign up for this shit — I QUIT,” accompanied by a peace emoji.

In a longer statement shared on Instagram, Lizzo explained that she is tired of feeling “dragged by everyone” in her life and online. She expressed her desire to make music, make people happy, and contribute positively to the world. However, she admitted to feeling unwanted and criticized, with people allegedly lying about her and making jokes at her expense, particularly regarding her physical appearance.

This announcement comes shortly after Lizzo performed at a fundraiser for President Joe Biden’s campaign in New York. However, her presence at the event was met with criticism from an attorney representing three of her former tour dancers. These dancers are currently involved in a legal battle with Lizzo, accusing her of various forms of harassment, discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment. While some claims in the lawsuit have been dismissed, a condensed version of the lawsuit is still ongoing, with Lizzo appealing the ruling.

Lizzo has denied all allegations made by the dancers, and the case is now expected to be on hold for several months due to the appeal process. The singer’s announcement has left fans wondering about her future in music and social media, with many expressing support and concern for her well-being.

March 30, 2024

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