This season, Kimba collection explores the ideology of being different. Mbakigwe Kizito, the creative director of Kimba collection passes a valid message through this collection. Being yourself is being unique because there is only one you. take it as a gift that is possessed only by you. Everybody has one
but they are all different.

Kizito ran wild With his imagination while creating the collection. Using unconventional accessories like eyelets and cord, organza and net for contemporary menswear. Also, neutral and vibrant colours were used but at some point got bored and introduced damask print.

The brand debut collection. The pieces have different characters running through it. Black, white and
grey for the conservative who wants to play safe. Some green, pink and damask for the edgy man who wants to go all out.

On this collection, Kizito said, I want people to stand out, look/feel good and be happy/confident when
they step out.


Accessories – @Frances-collection’s
Footwear – @franc_kedi


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