Three captivating Nigerian films, “Mami Wata,” “All The Colors Of The World Are Between Black and White,” and “Orah,” have been selected to grace the screens at the prestigious 2024 Joburg Film Festival in South Africa.

Announced in a press release on Monday, February 12, 2024, the festival organizers unveiled a lineup of over 60 films from 30 countries, aiming to bridge connections between local and international filmmakers while celebrating cinematic excellence.

Among the standout Nigerian entries is Cj Obasi’s monochromatic masterpiece, “Mami Wata,” set in the enchanting village of Iyi where the mermaid deity Mami Wata holds sway. As children mysteriously vanish and the village falls under the control of a warlord, two sisters embark on a daring mission to rescue their people and restore Mami Wata’s divine glory. Featuring a stellar cast including Rita Edochie and Kelechi Udegbe, “Mami Wata” promises a spellbinding tale of courage and mysticism.

All the Colors of the World Are Between Black and White

“Babatunde Apalowo’s poignant drama, “All the Colors of the World Are Between Black and White,” delicately explores the budding romance between two men, Bambino and Bawa, amidst the vibrant backdrop of Lagos. As they navigate societal prejudice and personal identity, their bond deepens, unveiling the complexities of love and acceptance. With a stellar cast led by Tope Tedela and Riyo David, this heartfelt narrative promises to resonate deeply with audiences.


Completing the trio is “Orah,” helmed by Canadian-Nigerian director Lonzo Nzekwe. The film follows a grieving mother’s relentless quest for justice against a Nigerian drug syndicate responsible for her son’s tragic demise in Canada. Boasting an ensemble cast featuring O.C. Ukeje, Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama, and Tina Mba, “Orah” delivers a gripping tale of vengeance and redemption that transcends borders.

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