A trusty concealer – one that hides all manner of sins and cheats 8 hours sleep – is an absolute must in any beauty kit.

Hardworking concealers are brilliant at covering up dark circleswhen the best eye cream can’t quite cut it but with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find The One.

The internet, however, seems to have discovered exactly that in the form of Maybelline’s Eraser Concealer.

According to FEMAIL, the 8.99 concealer is being hailed as a ‘life saviour’ by women for concealing dark spots and banishing under-eye circles in one swipe.

In fact, the concealer is so damn popular that it’s flying off the shelves at a rate of 9 every second and it’s amassed countless 5-star reviews on Amazon and Look Fantastic.

So what’s all the hype about? Well, according to the brand, it ‘transforms skin in just a few quick and easy swipes, covering dark circles​, blemishes, redness​ and fine lines.

Taking to the reviews  from Glamour HQ, The concealer literally changes the way ladies do their make up and it  so amazing on my skin.

Females love the   the product so much that they resorted  to making bulk purchases.


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