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Meet Oluomachi Onuzurike Nwankwo
Founder Bo Hair Beauty Brand!

Oluomachi Onuzurike Nwankwo is 28y, Married with two lovely kids. She
started her business shortly after running a restaurant for a year in the East (Umuahia , Abia State) ,a family business she rebranded so she saved up some money and decided to start up her hair business as she wanted something less time consuming ! when she started, the business location was in the East (Umuahia) she noticed a lot of people were patronizing her from Lagos and she thought of the need of relocating to Lagos sef , her boyfriend then who is currently her husband invested in the business and they travelled to lagos and got a shop, set it up and also got a place to live. Shortly after her relocation to Lagos, business was doing very well. In her words “I didn’t even know when the growth happened I was just enjoying the whole process and stages of growth,My main inspiration is where I am coming from , knowing that I have got no other choice than to succeed ,knowing the amount of people depending on me so it is either am succeeding or am not ,there was really no option for failure. “

When asked of her advise to those starting?

“My advising to those who are just starting off or want to start something , your idea or finance does not need to be complete, just start first then grow into your ideal business , if you don’t start at all then no expectation for growth so don’t wait till your money is complete just start.”


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