Hiphop recently in the U.A.E has experienced a rapid growth, Especially in Dubai a city that has hosted a lot of international acts, PAUSE and SHADOWS” are brand new songs from Dubai’s finest hiphop crew ALIEN 46. Which was premiered all over GCC today live on virgin radio. The Music crew is made up of “BART OREJUDOS ” from philipines, PRODIGAL ANGELO” from Nigeria, and ISKINYME ” from the Philippines. The song Which basically is talking about the grind and hustle of these young men from different countries and continents making it out of the United Arab Emirates. It Started with newly signed Nigerian rapper ” Prodigal Angelo” introduction ~ lets ROCK the City Dwayne Johnson’s style as “Bart” introduces him and backs him up before taking over with the chorus. Both Emcees took turns going in on the beat on different occasions and wrapped it up with a combined delivery on the last 2 verses. lSkinyme missed out as he travelled to the Phillipines, he got back to record SHADOWS with the crew , The infusion of igbo language by ” Angelo” and Bart” spitting in English with Asian accents made the song unique and different from the normal trap hip-hop you listen to everyday.The crew are currently shooting the music Video, so enjoy the song before the video hits your screen.

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