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The official press conference and wine tasting for Friends Fun Wine a reputable brand was held today July 18th , 2016 at Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria. The press conference is to officially unveil the brand to the Nigeria Market. The Nigeria representative of the great brand is the CEO of Isis Models Mrs Joan Okorodudu. At the conference It was stated that in 2017 a winery of friends fun wine will be established in Nigeria.

Friends Fun Wine in a Can™ is a fusion of European style and thinking, encouraging consumers to think outside the bottle and pair wine in a can with amazing experiences – not just food. Friends Fun Wine in a Can™ comes from Southern France and includes six varieties, with 6% alcohol — Original White, Pink, Peach and Strawberry Moscato, and Original White and Red Sangria. The Moscatos and Sangrias are blended with citrus and berries — both for great flavor and aroma. The Company has developed additional Moscato flavors for launch in 2014 and also offers Friends Just Wine ®, traditional wine products in slim cans, which currently include Cabernet Merlot and Chardonnay Sauvignon with 12% ABV. Friends Fun Wine in a Can™ single-serve cans are great for non-traditional venues such as baseball games, pool/beach parties, concerts, and even fast-food dining facilities.

Friends Beverage Group offers “Friends Fun Wine” and “Friends Just Wine” through some of the nation’s top distributors, including Southern Wine & Spirits, Glazer’s, Phoenix/Beehive, Monarch Beverages, Empire Distributing and Heidelberg. The Company’s products are currently available on Spirit Airlines and national chains, including Walmart, Kroger’s, 7-Eleven, and CVS. The Company also offers its products at Marlins Stadium, Marriott Vacation Village in Orlando and Sheraton Fort Lauderdale, the first hotels in the US to offer Friends Fun Wine in a Can™. The Company is expanding to overseas markets.

When Joe Peleg, The Fun Wine Company CEO and Founder, came up with the idea of Friends Fun Wine®, he wanted to create a new drinking experience, a new drink category that never existed before.

He wanted to offer a different kind of wine – a wine that is friendly for all, not only for wine connoisseurs. His over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage world, brought him to the realization that wine is one of the most misunderstood drinks. It has a perception that it’s only meant for wine snobs, that you have to smell it, swirl it, critique it and analyze it. He wanted wine to be experienced and enjoyed by the masses as a refreshing recreational drink. He wanted wine to be FUN!

So he took wine out of the bottle, and put it into a can – so everyone can enjoy it on the go and take it where the fun is. He added flavor so it would have a friendly taste, and he made it low alcohol and low calorie so people can enjoy more of it longer and without worrying about weight gain.

He made Fun Wine™ so wine can be FUN and for everyone!

Find images of the conference below, why the official images will be published soon.


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