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“JARDINS DE REVE DE MARIE” (dreamy gardens of Marie)
The collection is inspired by the graciousness, whimsy vibrancy and extravagance nature of Marie Antoinette’s beautiful gardens, which she nurtured and groomed for many years despite her being a very influential and controversial woman during the Victorian era,

Pieces where painstakingly hand painted in patterns influenced by Marie Antoinette’s gardens, vibrant, detailed depth and saturation of abstract and floral patterns where used to emphasize on the beauty, dedication and love she placed on her garden
The silhouettes of the pieces where vastly inspired by the Victorian era, but where given a unique twist to make them more modern and somewhat timeless yet retaining the graciousness, flamboyancy, and deep dedication to meticulous tailoring and couture techniques used during the Victorian era.
Fabrics in the collection consist of soft organza, paired with high quality cotton ribbed knit, organdy and rich plain weave cotton.

Designer: @o.saunders1 (instagram)
+234 9094899085
Photography,: @spotlightpi (instagram)
Styling/art directing :@thestyleinfidel (instagram)
styling assistance : @samuelnoon (instagram)
: @assholebydesign

Set design : seun awotunde
@mzphabulousity (instagram)


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