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Pastor Jerry Eze and wife Eno Jerry Cover Personalities For La Mode Magazine Easter Edition!

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New Cover Alert?? : La Mode Magazine 65th edition ,Easter Issue featuring Pastor Jerry Eze and wife Eno Jerry  @realjerryeze @enojerry22 ❤️❤️❤️

In an interview with pastor Jerry Eze by La Mode, when asked  What inspired the online NSPPD group prayer fellowship and what is the goal of NSPPD? Below is Pastor Jerry Eze’s response

“When the pandemic began, I saw a lot of hopelessness; I saw a decline in the passion of many towards God and church, and I just wanted to encourage people with the prayers. But it has grown beyond that. God has made it a miracle meeting where the burdens of many are lifted, with tangible testimonies that sound like lies”.


In an interview with pastor Eno Jerry, when asked What is her advice to youths who look up to her especially ladies.Here is what she has to say  “Serve God. Love God. Stay focused. Don’t be pressured into marriage. Choose your life partner carefully and prayerfully. Work on yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Don’t enter any relationship with emotional baggage. Discover your purpose. Choose your friends carefully. Pray, pray and when your done praying, pray again”.

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Cover Personalities: @realjerryeze @enojerry22


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Instagram: @lamodemag


April 4, 2021

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