Photos: Mingle with the stars Bryan Okwara and Adunni Ade!!!

Mingle with the stars Bryan Okwara and Adunni Ade organised by La Mode Magazine was a successful event with an impressive urn out. The event was held at The Hardley apartment,waziri Ibrahim street off Elsie Femi Pearse street by Adeola odeku,victoria island.Lagos. Red carpet started at 5pm.

View photos below;

Black Photos-55

Black Photos-57

Black Photos-58

Black Photos-61

2015-06-14 21.54.49
Black Photos-62

Black Photos-64

Black Photos-65

Black Photos-66

Black Photos-67

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Black Photos-70

Black Photos-71

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Black Photos-80

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Black Photos-87

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Black Photos-167 - Copy

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Black Photos-24

Black Photos-26

Black Photos-52

Black Photos-53

Black Photos-105

Black Photos-169

Black Photos-27

Black Photos-96

Black Photos-29

Black Photos-30

Black Photos-31

Black Photos-32

Black Photos-32

Black Photos-34

Black Photos-35

Black Photos-37

Black Photos-38

Black Photos-40

Black Photos-41

Black Photos-42

Black Photos-45

Black Photos-46

Black Photos-47

Black Photos-48

Black Photos-51

Black Photos-54

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Black Photos-90

Black Photos-92

Black Photos-90

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Black Photos-95

Black Photos-97

Black Photos-98

Black Photos-99

Black Photos-100

Black Photos-101

Black Photos-102

Black Photos-103

Black Photos-104

Black Photos-106

Black Photos-107

Black Photos-112

Black Photos-116

Black Photos-117

Black Photos-118

Black Photos-121

Black Photos-123

Black Photos-125

Black Photos-127

Black Photos-130

Black Photos-133

Black Photos-134

Black Photos-136

Black Photos-140

Black Photos-141

Black Photos-144

Black Photos-145

Black Photos-146

Black Photos-147

Black Photos-148

Black Photos-149

Black Photos-150

Black Photos-151

Black Photos-152

Black Photos-154

Black Photos-156

Black Photos-157

Black Photos-158

Black Photos-160

Black Photos-161

Black Photos-81
Black Photos-163

Black Photos-164

Black Photos-165

Black Photos-170

Photo Credit: Blackphotosng
Supported by Mic Dunamis and the Hardley Apartment


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