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Less attention is usually paid to the eyebrows which is why go out with messy brows where we are turn helped by a friend to make it look a bit manageable.

Most ladies pluck their eyebrows only when they want to have a professional make-up when plucking of eyebrows is not necessarily done by a professional when you have your tweezers.

You can pluck your eyebrows yourself but that should be done carefully so as not to over-pluck which could damage the eye-brow follicles. Eye brows do not always grow back.

Shallow arches are best for oval faces; a lifted angled arch is best for a round face; a flat eye brow works well for a long face; high arches are best for longer faces and rounded brows are best for diamond faces.

Plucking of the eyebrows matter because they add to your beauty.





Photo credit: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials.

February 12, 2022

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