Celebrities and public figures make many things look easy, especially when it comes to fashion. Deep pockets and stylists on the payroll make it easy for celebs to project a polished appearance. But money alone does not buy style, and chances are the average woman has the wardrobe staples necessary to look her best. Such essentials need not cost a fortune to produce a seemingly endless array of outfits.

Take inventory of the basics

Women should go through their closets and find the wardrobe pieces that can be put to use in multiple combinations. Timeless styles can be used over and over, and some items work well as a base for a multitude of outfits. For example, a simple sleeveless dress in a neutral color can be worn alone, paired with a cardigan for a professional or casual look, or even made to look corporate with a blazer for a business meeting. A sheath in black, tan or navy can be worn repeatedly and matched to a bevy of other pieces. In addition to a simple dress, a pair of black pants, a knee-length skirt, a few tanks or camisoles,  a pair of dark-colored jeans, and solid-colored cardigans can be mixed and matched in different ways. Women can make a running list of the staples they already own and then fill in the missing pieces on their next shopping trip.

Add some pieces that pop

Spice up the basics with some new items that feature hot colors of the season. Pastels, orange and neon colors are big for the spring and summer. Orange can also carry into autumn. A bold blazer will add appeal to an office combination. A printed scarf paired with a neutral blouse and pants adds some color and whimsy without being too bold. Printed pants can be a fun choice for a night on the town. Those who prefer to play it safe may lean toward classic lines and colors, but don’t forget to add some punch with strapped shoes or flashy accessories.

Know the cuts and colors that work

Looking polished means finding the hues and styles that fit with a particular body type and skin coloring, more so than simply following the latest trends. A woman who understands her body type can rely on pieces that are designed to flatter. Not all colors work on every person. While greens and yellows may look good on one person, a woman with an olive skin tone may look washed out wearing these shades too close to her face. Similarly, fair- or dark-skinned women may fade into their clothing if the pieces are too similar to their skin tone. Women can peruse magazines to find models of similar proportions and coloring, then experiment with the styles and hues they see. Once a match is found, these can be the go-to looks that enable her to always look polished.

Make sure it fits

Clothing that does not fit properly will not look good no matter how fashionable or expensive it might be. Rather than fixating on the size printed on the tag, women should shop for clothing based on fit. This could mean bringing a few different sizes into the dressing room and figuring out which one fits best. Not all designers run true to size, and some fabrics will have more give than others. A good rule of thumb is to always fit the largest part of your body. The other measurements can be tailored accordingly. It is a safer bet to purchase a size bigger if one is between sizes and have the item altered rather than trying to squeeze into something that is too small.

Invest in good undergarments

Sometimes it isn’t the clothes that can make the woman, but the structure pieces she wears underneath. Fitting experts attest that nearly 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Most women are slipping into bras that are too small. Although bras range in size from 28AAA to 56FF, the majority of department stores stock a limited number of the most popular sizes. Therefore, women may squeeze into bras that are not sized correctly. A better idea is to go to a specialty lingerie shop to get properly sized. Not only will a well-fitting bra support the breasts better, but such a bra also transforms the way shirts and dresses look and fit. Before investing in an entirely new wardrobe, women should invest in new bras.

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