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Rico Couture Shines at The Reconnect Abuja 2024: A Review by Our Fashion Editor, Daniel Usidamen

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The 12th edition of The Reconnect Abuja, held at the Rainbow Event Marque on February 4th, was a big deal for fashion in 2024. One standout was Rico Couture, a brand that mixed African fabrics with modern styles in a cool way.

Rico Couture, led by Farida Shuaibu and Coleen Tafadzwa Njanike, stood out for their use of Adire fabric, which wowed the crowd and showed a blend of tradition and modern fashion.

Their clothes were well-made, with every stitch showing care for tradition and a modern twist. Models looked great and comfortable in outfits that were both fancy and easy to wear, thanks to Rico Couture’s skill with colors, patterns, and shapes.

Rico Couture’s 11th & 11th collection celebrated women with unique, special clothes. Farida Shuaibu, the Co-founder and Creative Director, talked about how each piece is made to feel special and unique, going beyond just clothes to be a part of who you are.

People loved Rico Couture’s stall, which was beautifully set up. Fashion lovers, critics, and industry insiders praised the brand for its creative and cultural blend, calling it a leader in African-inspired high fashion.

Rico Couture’s legacy continues, showing the lasting impact of creativity, skill, and culture. I am excited to see what Farida and Coleen do next, knowing they’ll keep pushing fashion forward with every stitch and design.

February 16, 2024

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