Colombian singer Shakira finds herself entangled in another tax probe in Spain, despite recently settling a case and paying millions in back taxes. The new investigation focuses on alleged tax fraud from 2018, distinct from the charges she admitted to between 2012 and 2014. While Shakira recently paid around $27 million to resolve the prior case, the latest reports suggest she has deposited an additional $7.2 million as prosecutors continue their inquiry.

Last week, Shakira reached a settlement in a criminal case related to tax fraud charges spanning 2012 to 2014. In a courtroom acknowledgment, she admitted to the charges and paid approximately $27 million to receive a reduced sentence. However, the singer now faces a separate probe regarding alleged tax fraud in 2018, leading her to deposit an additional $7.2 million.

The exact nature of the $7.2 million payment remains unclear. It is uncertain whether this amount serves as a bond to secure leniency or if it represents a new settlement in the ongoing investigation. Spanish newspaper El Periodico suggests that this payment could be a gesture from Shakira to potentially receive favorable treatment as the case progresses.

The Spanish legal proceedings appear to differ from the practices in the United States. In the Spanish system, making a financial contribution during an ongoing investigation might not necessarily indicate an admission of guilt. It remains to be seen how this approach will impact Shakira’s legal standing and the ultimate resolution of the case.

If the new payment is indeed linked to the 2018 tax probe and results in a loss for Shakira, the total amount she has paid to settle her tax issues would surpass $34 million. This substantial sum highlights the complexity and financial repercussions of the ongoing legal challenges for the internationally acclaimed artist.

Shakira, with an estimated net worth of around $300 million, has yet to respond to the latest developments in the new tax investigation. The singer’s team has not issued a statement regarding the $7.2 million payment or the ongoing probe.

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