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Slightly deviating from the conventional music as the vogue depicts in Nigeria at the moment, Yhumie (Yhumie Oyelade) debuts his official single, handsomely covering Asa’s “So Beautiful” with major inspiration from the revered jazz-soul award winning female artist @asaofficial

With the LIVE
acoustic background setting the tune of the rhythm, the cover is a harmonic saxophone rendition seasoned with eclectic series of sounds and musical instruments to complement. Carefully mixed and mastered, this captivating version of “So Beautiful” truly proves the importance of a mother and her ethos and the depth to which contemporary sax renditions in the mainstream Nigerian music will go.


Lead Sax/horns @yhumie_

Trumpet/horns @victorademofe

Drum @papiijameh

Bass @enochmam

Guitar @iamnsikak_

studio @aci234

mastered by @mr.wols

Produced by @iamwillz007
inspired by @asaofficial

it’s a delightful experience to share this melodious magical work with you, our ever tone ready and appreciative Nigerian music ears. In the beautiful words of Jumoke Olopade, we present to you “So Beautiful (cover) by Yhumie.

I had the best shoes; she had the worst. My clothes were beautiful and gorgeous; hers were tattered and old.
My hands were soft and tender; hers were rough and coarse. I had the tiny bed to myself every night;
she had the cold floor.
I had her wrapper over me every night to shield me from the cold and mosquito bites;
all she had was her tough skin and strong arms to fight the mosquitoes.
My friends envied me and thought I had it all, they were right,
I had the best mom in the world


Please follow Yhumie Oyelade on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @yhumieoyelade and visit his website www.yhumie.comt o know more about this musically creative artiste.


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