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Former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Korra Obidi recently faced a terrifying attack in London. The Nigerian dancer, known for her appearance on the FOX competition series in 2019, shared details of the incident on her Instagram.

In an Instagram video posted on April 11, Korra revealed that she was attacked with a knife and had acid thrown at her face during a live stream in the UK. The 32-year-old dancer was seen receiving treatment from first responders in the video, with a yellow knife visible next to her on the pavement.

Korra expressed her gratitude for surviving the attack, emphasizing the importance of safety during travel. She highlighted the necessity of prioritizing safety, stating that travel safety is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

According to a Metropolitan Police spokesperson, officers responded to reports of an assault in central London. They found Korra, in her 30s, with a cut to her hand and reporting that a liquid had been thrown at her face. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, and the liquid was later confirmed to be a non-noxious cosmetic item.

Korra’s sister, Nancy Umeh, took to Instagram to share the shocking details of the attack. Nancy revealed that someone poured acid on Korra’s face, threatened to stab her, and attacked her hands outside her Airbnb in Westminster, London.

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