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THE COMMON CASE OF DAMIAN VONGCIR tells the story of a banker weaving his way through the tough working culture of a bank as he bears the weight of the expectations and targets, the tension and insecurity, and the greed and corporate interest.

This book is a captivating and riveting Nigerian story delivered through the lens of ordinary human experiences from the day to day realities of work, marriage, family, friendship and personal life.

The author employed common human elements of choice and chance, strength and weakness, pursuit and disappointment, self-discovery and fulfilment in telling the tale of Damian Vongcir in his chase of corporate success as he struggles with his own history, the burdens of his job, his choices and fears, and his commitment to his young family.

With a six digit salary and the admiration of his bosses, Damian Vongcir found a personal fulfilment as a banker and what he believed was happiness in his marriage until a series of events changed everything. And at the point when he came close to losing everything, he found the truth that freed him from all his fears.

The high point of this book is captured through the heroes’ final submission…

All bankers good or bad are heroes as much as they meet the boss’s expectation. They are like soldiers walking with the faith of preachers. They count on luck and miracles in an ungracious world where they are more likely to be defeated than victorious, and when they reach that bend where their star fails, they receive no mercy. It is a type of treachery that is as heinous as the betrayal of friends and the infidelity of wives. But still they must ignore all the odds and fight on, waiting for heavenly grace for new miracles just to stay alive

In this enthralling story, the author tactfully used wit and candour to present a captivating work of fiction. It is a story that has never been told; a classic piece of contemporary prose that reveals the daily struggles of the urban working class in the conscious and oftentimes unconscious search for that elusive balance between self and ambition, work and family.

The book is available online on

Also available in book stores:Terra Kulture,1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island,Lagos. Glendora Bookstore Ikeja City Mall Ikeja, Lagos. Patabah Bookstore Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall Surulere, Lagos.


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