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Remember a while back we brought you a risque outfit worn by supermodel Jourdan Dunn at the Paris Fashion Week and we asked the ladies if they could try the outfit, and some of you said you could? Well let’s hope you don’t end up like this:

Apparently Hollywood actress, Jaimie Alexander, wore something like that to the LA premiere of Thor and a Chinese lady decided she wants to try it on and the result is what you see above.

She had contacted a Chinese online retailer to sell her the risque dress which they displayed on their site but when the retailer sent her the outfit and she tried it on she realized it was a terrible copy of the original dress and then tried to return it but the retailer refused to take it back so she shared the pictures above in a bid to call out the retailers.

See Jaimie Alexander’s gown and more pictures of the terrible dress below:

Photo credit: Linda Ikeji

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