Sisters Jaclyn and Morgan Solomon are great lovers of the abstract form of fashion. label AGMES their two year old jewelry label, is the medium through which they explore their intriguing design references, whether it’s a Pierre Paulin chair or the female form as captured in an ’90s Maison Margiela campaign photo. Sculpture is perhaps their biggest source of inspiration and for their latest collection which is now available on the AGMES website, they’ve made wearable art for the first time.

The duo enlisted Buenos Aires-born, New York-based artist Conie Vallese to craft pendants for brooches, silver chain fringe earrings, and freshwater pearl necklaces with vaguely surrealist contours.

“The idea of a jewelry collaboration was always something that I had in mind,” Vallese explains. “When I choose jewelry, I always prefer for it to look and feel like sculpture, rather than something to adorn myself in. I see it more as an artistic opportunity. I think these pieces have a strong presence yet they remain simple and non-invasive.” The Solomons were eager to work with Vallese on the collection as well, explaining that her work has “conjured a visceral response from us, both her paintings and her sculptures.” The designers were initially attracted to Vallese’s face sculptures which have become something of a calling card for the artist. As Jaclyn explains, “we didn’t want a traditional face for this collection. There are modern elements for sure, especially in the curvatures of the faces and the smoothness of the surfaces.” She adds, “They evoke a Picasso-esque feeling but I really feel that they are their own unique interpretation of a face.”

By Femi Ajiyon


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