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Did you know that kid comedian Emmanuella featured in the movie Survive or Die filmed in 2016 and released in 2018? Yes! The 9years old featured in this movie with other star acts.

Survive or Die was co-directed by Daniel Okoduwa and Mike Kang, and co-written by same individuals. Jamie Murgatroyd worked on the music for the movie while Nicholas Okoduwa and Adam Sanders worked on cinematography and special effects respectively.

Emmanuella also landed a role in a Disney movie in 2018, which she announced via her instagram post.

Isn’t she just so adorable?!

Emmanuella has not only received National awards, she has also grabbed multiple international awards like Princess of Comedy (Australia) and prominent kid comedienne (Australia).

Back in 2016, she was hosted on CNN and the first ever African to make 1million Subscribers on her Youtube channel.

The best part is, she is reported to be one of the highest earning child actors and Emmanuella’s net worth is about 25million naira which is approximately $69,473.40.

She is definitely a star to look out for in the years to come!


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