Mrs. Patricia Onumonu, also known as Tricia or Trish for short, which is where the name for her very well known, well celebrated fashion brand/house “Trish ‘O’ Couture” came from, is a fashion entrepreneur par excellence in more way than one.
“Trish” discovered her beautiful gift about “clothing, fabric, tailoring” which later graduated to fashion designing at a relatively young age and it was continually nurtured by her doting mom who herself, was very well involved in the fashion business then, but even till now.
The award winning designer and fashion and luxury lifestyle entrepreneur she also owns a top of the range lifestyle interior outfit where they sell top range Italian furnitures and finishings and also advises on full home/interior designs, is currently one of Nigeria’s topmost designers and who has showcased her brand at top fashion events, fashion shows both at home and abroad and in the course of it has won many accolades along the way. In fact, she has won several awards, likes of Africa Fashion Week Nigeria “Fashion Designer of the Year award 2016”, earlier she  had won “Most Outstanding High Fashion Designer 2014 at the 3rd Glam and Essence Style Awards, and from the same brand 2 years later, the “Fastest Growing Fashion Brand at the 5th Glam and Essence Style Awards, another award won was the “Top Celebrities Female Achievers Awards 2014- Designer of the Year 2014”, just to mention a few.
Before coming fully into the fashion business, where she began as a “fashion merchandiser” before graduating to owning her own Fashion brand- Trish ‘O’Couture, where she makes clothes, where she has excelled excellently she was at a point, a “top fashion model”, who modelled for many of the top Nigerian fashion brands/houses and designers then.
She also excelled as a “beauty queen” too then, in fact she participated at a few beauty pageants/competition then, and was in fact first 4 runner up at one of the most recognised beauty pageants in Nigeria then.
Her brand Trish ‘O’ Couture, with HQ located at 27 Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island and a branch at Murphis Plaza on 27, Sanusi Fafunwa Street Victoria island is presently one of the most recognised fashion brands in the country, in fact Trish ‘O’Couture’s showroom is one of the most beautiful, most intimidating and most impressive in Lagos and Nigeria.
The brand has a followership that’s outstanding and has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, with a mix of professionals in various businesses, stars and celebrities as her clients.
The brand has her own “Pret-a-Porter” line, where a customer comes in and gets an excellent choice of several, ready made, gorgeously made and exquisite designs/pieces to pick from. But there’s also the more VIP, more dedicated, more personal line, the Trish ‘O’Couture, luxury VIP/bespoke line, where from fabrics-rich, colourful and oppulent, to design and execution, the wish of the customer is their command, which is following in the real definition and essence of “bespoke tailoring and tradition”. Trish “O” Couture is also known for her top of range “bridal line”. The idea with this sentimental line is to help make sure that the wedding dress and day of the about to marry, is heavenly and beautiful all the way.
One of those elements apart from their design ethos, which is founded on delivering the best available from their stable, fashion wise, with clean lines and fantastic finish.
At Trish ‘O’Couture, the client, the customer is the Queen…., the lady of the manor….the one in charge. A whole lot radiates around this – Trish ‘O’ lady! Everything is geared towards satisfying that lady of style, that fashion icon in the making, that confident female who knows and understands what she wants and how she wants to be perceived.
That’s why our brand motto says- “Your look is our concern”, because we know for a fact, that how you look on the outside, is as important to you as how the inside also is.
…. Welcome to experience the “Trish ‘O’ magic……..

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