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Turu Glitz Emerges With Charming Designs at the Lagos Fashion Festival

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The Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos, witnessed a surreal manifestation of Art, Music, and Fashion in the recent edition of the Lagos Fashion Festival. The rave of feedback travelling through waves of echoes and whispers is that this year’s edition is perhaps the most successful festival to date.

Not only that but it has also been said to have set the pace for future and exciting fashion trends and the upward progression of the fashion industry. Aside from the intentional collaborative efforts of the organizers to host the show with befitting sponsors and partners, the show is a display of the best young designers across the country.

The designers who were carefully selected brought their A-game with fanciful designs that showed the diversity of our culture and the industry at large and expressed their talent as fashion prospects vying for international recognition.

There were myriads of talent on display with upcoming music artists singing to complement the models of each showcasing designer on the runway.

However, the most impressive showcase designer for the day would arguably be Turu Glitz, a fashion brand that showed extra artistry in the manner of presentation and in the way they tailored their collection. The brand which is co-owned by Joy Chituru Azubuke and Sandra Okiahuwa Omo-ogun delivered what has been referred to as a fashion expert in attendance as a ‘Masterpiece’ collection. The tailoring was neatly done, and the choice of fabric and colour palette revealed a delicate level of fashion illustration, while the different styles in the diverse attires pointed to a seamless and intentional collaborative artistic effort by the duo.

The festival which lasted for over 4 hours into the evening created an ambience of its own, but Turu Glitz stole the spotlight. For a brand trying to create a unique identity for itself, they came up with unique and body-friendly designs that attracted a lot of people to their stall after the showcase.

Their Turu Glitz Dress, Turu Chic Crop top and Turu Men Exclusive (a limited design of vintage shirts for men) were a source of appeal to the sight of many. It didn’t only introduce them as a brand with great taste for making dresses for fashionable women, but it also impressed the audience and other showcasing designers with their creative ability and mastery of the use of African fabric.

While some may argue that other designers came close, Turu Glitz’s artistic triumph were backed with numerous pre-orders by dozens of the attending guests. It goes to show the intentionality involved in their product development. The simplicity in their products was complemented with elegance and class with exclusive methods of styling.

It will be exciting to see how expansive their creative process can be as part of their continuous development and appearances at future fashion fairs and exhibitions.

March 23, 2024

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