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The paradigm shift that now drives Nigerians to embrace the beauty of traditional wedding ceremonies and their cultural essence has created a void for a fashion creativity that does not only deliver in appearance but also elevates the heritage of diverse cultures as well as preserves their history. Our special feature this week is Vanny Casual, a trado-dynamic unisex fashion brand that has risen to the challenge and is adequately in the business of creating explosive bridal clothes that are culturally inspired, with a stamp of elegance, and with each design in a class of its own. It is safe to say that the range of designs Vanny Casual creates is nothing compared to casual, rather, they are an array of exclusive pieces of art that were created from a fusion of inventive design ideas and the excellence of skilled tailors, pattern drafters, and fashion illustrators.

For a fashion brand based in Abuja, Vanny Casual’s reach reflects its creative prowess, vision, and blueprint towards attaining the deserved recognition in the fashion industry. The echoes of their brand structure and impressive customer satisfaction record travelled to our doors and we decided to delve into the history and development of the brand since inception. We were privileged to see some of their designs on display at the 2020 edition of the Ibadan Bridal Fashion Festival, and we can confirm that their products tick most of the boxes in terms of what makes a good style. The collection they displayed featured different African fabrics, various Nigerian tribes’ bridal fashion styles, and different tailoring methods that included embroidery, crocheting, and knitting. To cap it all, their branding was a source of attention for other exhibitors.

In a brief chat with the Founder/Creative Director of the brand, Vanessa Nicholas, she defined the brand’s mission,

“A lot of prospective couples want a white wedding because of the chance to wear a big wedding dress and a custom-made suit. However, the more the number of white weddings increases, the more we stray from our culture. Vanny Casual’s mission is to create glamourous and beautiful wedding attires that stay in tune with Nigerian cultures and make a good export to other countries.”

She confidently described the brand as the next big thing. Guess what? We agree! We think they have huge prospects, and their distinct product promises global recognition for them. You should check them out.

June 7, 2021

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