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Waje Celebrates Daughter’s 25th Birthday with Heartfelt Messages

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Renowned Nigerian singer, Waje, has taken to social media to celebrate her daughter’s 25th birthday with heartfelt messages and advice for the young graduate.

In a touching post dedicated to her daughter, Emerald, on Thursday, March 28, 2024, Waje expressed immense gratitude and pride for the remarkable woman her daughter has become. Amidst releasing a gospel song to commemorate her own birthday, the singer highlighted her daughter’s milestone, emphasizing the importance of faith and love in navigating life’s journey.

The talented singer used the occasion to impart wisdom to Emerald. Waje urged her daughter not to let the world strip away her faith and love, listing these as essential ingredients for a fulfilling life.

In her poignant message, Waje also offered prayers for her daughter’s future and advised her on choosing the right path to follow.

The heartfelt post resonated with fans and followers, garnering admiration for Waje’s love and guidance towards her daughter.

March 30, 2024

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