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The trailer for the upcoming Indian-Nigerian comedy film “Dilli Dark” has been released, offering a glimpse into its themes of racism, identity, and the experiences of a Nigerian immigrant in India.

Directed by Dibakar Das Roy, the film follows the story of Michael Okeke, a Nigerian student living in New Delhi, as he navigates the challenges of racism and cultural differences while pursuing his MBA and working part-time in the city.

The trailer highlights the humor in Michael’s experiences, showcasing his mixed feelings about life in Delhi and the racism he faces as a black man in India. Samuel Abiola Robinson, who plays Michael, expressed his excitement about the film, calling it his first major role.

“Dilli Dark” also features Shantanu Anam as Debu and Geetika Vidya Ohlyan as Maa, among others. Director Das Roy explained that they chose Robinson for his ability to portray a regular character rather than a hero, adding to the film’s authenticity.

The film’s trailer promises a blend of humor and thought-provoking commentary on racism and immigrant experiences. “Dilli Dark” is set to be a compelling watch for those interested in comedic films that tackle important social issues.

You can watch the trailer for “Dilli Dark” below:

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