When it comes to dishing out dating advice, few can do it with as much charm and wit as Nigerian singer Tems. In a recent episode of “Chicken Shop Date” with the hilarious Amelia Dimoldenberg, Tems gave fans a taste of her personality, along with some chicken nuggets at Sam’s on Kilburn Lane. This episode is packed with laughs, love tips, and a sprinkle of musical magic.

Right from the start, Tems had us hooked. She revealed her foolproof tips for avoiding bad dates – hint: it involves being brutally honest and having an escape plan! Over a plate of chicken nuggets, she shared a few horror stories, leaving us all grateful for her wisdom.

One of the episode’s highlights was Tems explaining the meaning behind her latest hit, “Love Me Jeje.” She broke down how “jeje” means gently and softly in Nigerian Pidgin, reflecting her ideal way of receiving affection. This turned into a candid chat about her love language, with Tems expressing that gentle, thoughtful gestures mean the most to her.

Tems didn’t shy away from talking about her moments of self-doubt. She shared a unique trick to overcome those tough times: a freestyle rap session. And yes, she gave us a live demonstration! With Amelia tapping out a beat on the table, Tems freestyled her way into our hearts, proving that music truly is her therapy.

If Amelia ever finds herself in Nigeria, Tems has promised her a warm welcome with a delicious meal of Egusi soup. Amelia’s reaction? She’d pair it with a bread roll! This cultural exchange added a delightful twist to their conversation, making us all curious about Nigerian cuisine.

Want to see Tems in her element, dropping nuggets of wisdom (and actual nuggets)? Watch the full episode of “Chicken Shop Date” with Amelia Dimoldenberg and get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even try some Egusi soup yourself.

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