The best summer look? It’s not a barely-there dress or linen pants. It’s not even a trendy flip flop! Instead, it’s all about sun protection. And the proof is with none other than Jared Leto who, in all of his long chestnut-tressed, bristly bearded glory, vacationed in Ibiza and wore a huge hat. The singer-actor-Gucci-muse sported the straw piece with a blue buttoned collared shirt—the type that a banker wears to work—but added his hot summer touch by only fastening two buttons, revealing a singular pendant and, of course, some glistening male cleavage.

Adding to the ensemble? A pair of swim trunks in a blinding Baywatch red hue. In his hand, Leto carried a pair of New Balance dad sneakers. While there is probably no direct fashion influence to Leto’s shoe-carrying moment, Chanel did in fact show models for its Spring 2019 show toting sandals on a sand-strewn runway. Practical!


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