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14 Nail Ideas for April You’ll Definitely Want to Wear This Month

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April is a unique month, marking the beginning of spring with its mix of gloomy days and the promise of blooming flowers. While we can’t control the weather, we can add a touch of sunshine to our days with cheerful nail art. Here are 14 nail art ideas for April 2024 that are sure to lift your spirits:

01/ Cool-Toned Jelly Skittle Nails


Explore moody purple and blue hues before ending with fresh mint green, symbolizing rain and blooms.

02/ Tonal Green Mismatched Nails


Cute and fitting for April, these mismatched nails in cool green shades are reminiscent of daisies.

03 / Opal Aura Jelly Nails


Shimmer like rain puddles with this multicolor opal jelly manicure, created with builder gel, chrome powder, and iridescent nail foil.

04/ Bejeweled Pink French Manicure


Add sparkle to your nails with a monochrome bejeweled French manicure, featuring pink rhinestones.

05/ Earthy Aura Nails


Get the fresh, renewed feeling of spring with this blue and green aura manicure, resembling dewy grass.

06/ Green Velvet Daisy Nails


Create an intricate floral look with pale green velvet tips and negative-space daisies, easily achieved with a dotting tool.

07/ Cool-Toned Jelly Skittle Nails


Another take on the jelly mani, this one features purple, blue, and mint green hues to symbolize rain and blooms.

08/ Monochrome Blue French Mani


Chic and sophisticated, this monochrome blue French manicure is perfect for April.

09/ Sunny Pastel Mismatched Nails


Embrace the warmth of spring with a soft, happy yellow manicure.

10/ Blue Jelly Cloud Nails


Picture-perfect for April, this blue jelly manicure captures the essence of the season.

11/ Green Gradient French Manicure


Pay homage to spring with a green gradient French manicure using shades ranging from light to dark green.

12 / Swirly Lilac Nails


Add a touch of whimsy with pale purple nails adorned with crisp white swirls.

13 / Short Solid Powder Blue Nails


Opt for a perfect shade of powder blue for a simple yet stylish look.

14/ Teeny Floral-Accent White Nails


Rock white nails with a spring twist by adding teeny floral accents for a fresh look.

April 2, 2024

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