Most of us are not concern about what we wear and how what we wear sends a message to people about who we are. Judith Rasband says “The way we dress affects the way we think, way we feel, the way we act, and the way others react to us.

Looking good should not just be a matter of what is trending or what we think is cool. That is why it is advisable that before you leave your house; make sure you are dressed in a way that if from your gate you land outside the country, your dressing would not betray you.

Reasons why you should look good are numerous but we itemized a few below:

  • Ensure that you are dressed aligned with the message you want to convey because people are more likely to listen to what you have to say if you are well dressed.
  • Looking good have a way of boosting your confidence and making you feel good.
  • You get the chance to stand out and gain respect if you look good.

However you choose to look, make extra effort knowing that there are lot of benefits attached to looking good.

– Oluwatoyosi Malomo


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