The rainy season is upon us. For the fashion-conscious minds, here are four tips to help you maintain your good looking charm in this weather.

  1. Rubber foot wears: Your outfits should include foot wears made of rubber or hard materials that cannot be penetrated by water and also have strong soles. There are rubber sandals, shoes, slippers, boots, crocs, etc
  2. Avoid whites totally: white outfits generally are susceptible to stains and this is more intensified during rainy seasons. It is best to avoid white clothing in order to avoid fashion mishaps.
  3. Thick clothing: you should wear clothes made of thick materials to prevent the cold from affecting you. Your outfits should include clothes with long sleeves, full necklines. Clothes with turtlenecks also qualify for the rainy season because they are stylish.
  4. Avoid clothes made with light materials: Clothes made with light materials like chiffon, linen, silk could lead to embarrassing situation in case one is directly under the rain. These clothes become transparent when they get wet so it is good to avoid them during the rainy season.

Generally, other things that are always helpful during the rainy season are umbrellas (obviously), raincoats and shower caps to protect the hair from getting wet.


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