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Nigerians are well-known all over the world for their diligence and creativity. This celebrated talent isn’t inadequate when it’s food, as Nigerians are always on the top of this game. You know, NAIJA no dey carry last? Nigerians love food and they make it well. When it gets to the streets, it’s the NAIJA spirit taking over as usual!

If you are a food lover, join me, as we explore the intricacies of Nigerian Street Food


This golden-brown brother has always been a dear one. Saving lives since the ’90s. It is soft, yummy, and can easily be purchased, every day!

Recipie:  African Puff-Puff by Chef Lola Kitchen


This particular street food originated from the south-eastern part of Nigeria. It is popularly called the African salad, made with cassava flakes and garnished with other orishiri like shredded cabbage. It is highly nutritious and delicious

Recipe: Abacha by Allnigerianrecipes


Bole is another popular street food, made by roasting plantain. It has a homely smell and a fresh taste when done. It is best enjoyed with groundnut or fish sauce.

Recipe: Bole by Dobbyssignature


Suya is a delicacy that originates from the northern part of Nigeria. It is made with roasted meat and garnished with special ingredients such as cabbage, tomatoes, and yaji spice. Suya is a must-try for everyone.

Recipe: Suya by Allrecipes


Noodles and Egg is another popular street food in Nigeria. It can be easily made within 5 minutes. It is best enjoyed spicy and tasty. You can have your egg either fried or cooked, just how you like it. However, don’t go asking for noodles and egg in Nigeria. It is called Indomie and Egg.

Recipe: Indomie by Allnigerianfood


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